The Golden Aegis is the faction in the heart of Valaria, completely surrounding Goreil's Tomb.

After the dark guardian Goreil was slain and put into his tomb to rest for all eternity, an entire faction was immediately formed around the tomb known as The Golden Aegis.

The sole purpose of this faction was to keep anything and anyone as far away from the tomb as possible.

The soldiers of the Golden Aegis specialize in using abilities linked to the light to smite their enemies, to blind them and/or enchant their weapons. In order to be part of the Golden Aegis military you have to be trained physically and you have to be capable of bending the light to your will.

Most people believe the enchantments of the Golden Aegis are the strongest ever created.


Out of all factions, the Golden Aegis has fought off the most invasions in all of the factions. Most of the invasions were from packs of people wanting to worship Goreil.

Nowadays, the Golden Aegis is neutral with all factions of Valarnia, even engaging in trades with them.

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