The Darkened were the first inhabitants and currently the smallest faction of Valarnia.

Centuries ago, the elves of the Darkened faction were the biggest and strongest faction in all of Valarnia, making them unbeatable in any war that they got involved in.

They were king when it came to Astral magic, being able to harness and cast spells not even imaginable by the current Astral sorcerers.

The great magic that they harnessed eventually became so powerful, that it took control over hundreds of Darkened elves, making them the monsters that make up the Starborn faction that exists today.

The elves that were taken control over by their own power, i.e Starborn, all became enraged and magic-thirsty, killing all normal elves of the Darkened that they could, nearly putting them into extinction.

The remaining elves of the Darkened all evacutated into a dark area on the side of the Starborn territory, where they currently reside.

After many months of being stripped from their own powers, the elves of the Darkened eventually couldn't handle being powerless anymore, resorting to absorbing the remaining powers scattered around Goreil's Tomb.

Upon absorbing this dark power, it instantly turned them into dark being with blood red eyes, which is why the faction is called The Darkened today.

The power they absorbed still isn't at the level that their previous astral powers were, making the entire faction furious.

The current leader of this shattered faction, Thassinir, is planning on initiating a massive invasion against the Starborn in an attempt to reclaim their land, but that most likely wont happen soon.

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