Dark being

Goreil is the fourth guardian of the continents and the only guardian to go against their duty of protection.

many millennia ago, Goreil suddenly snapped when watching over the continent of Valarnia, simply stating that he was sick of protecting the world from constant danger.

He then decided to break into the The Vault of the Shrouded to absorb the power of EVERY living being inside, turning him into a monolithic being of pure darkness.

With his newly acquired immense powers, he would turn innocent civilians of local cities and villages into his very own army of brutal warriors and sorcerers whom would later be called The Shadow-Bearers.

Goreil, with his immense powers growing exponentially, nearly managed to conquer all of Valarnia and Blodmir, causing mass genocide on nearly all races, until the guardians launched a final assault on Goreil.

The power of all the guardians combined was enough to obliterate Goreil completely.

After witnessing the death of their master Goreil, The Shadow-Bearers all fled as far away as the could. Many were eventually found and executed for their crimes, altho the remnants of the faction seem to have been found visiting Goreil's tomb.

Killing Goreil took a huge portion of the guardians powers away from them, making them much weaker now then they were. If a ressurection of Goreil were to be possible, the guardians wouldn't stand a chance against him.

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